Throttling a process

Vlad Dumitrescu (EAW) <>
Wed Mar 19 13:06:41 CET 2003

No, this is for a private project, and I can't afford to send for you from England. :-) But now that you mention it, it might be possible to use the answer at work too!

Anyway, what I want is to let my process run in the background, when the load isn't too high. The VM doesn't offer this functionality (maybe it should?) but I am especially after a few processes that I don't want to disturb.

Thanks! regards,

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> Hi Vlad,
> you could use instrument.erl I have never used it myself, so I am 
> unaware over pitfalls/performance, but it appears to do the 
> monitoring 
> job. And if you want to get nasty, you have the bifs suspend 
> and resume 
> to start and stop your processes. If you use them, just make 
> sure I do 
> not get sent to Gothenburg to review your code ;-)
> Francesco
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> Vlad Dumitrescu (EAW) wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >I need to be able to throttle down a process, if the node is 
> very busy with more important things. What I thought I could 
> do is check erlang:statistics() and also follow a few 
> well-chosen processes with erlang:process_info(). This 
> information will then be used to set longer sleep intervals 
> for my process, or to simply make it wait until load goes down.
> >
> >Is this the way to do it? I noticed that process_info has a 
> warning "to noly be used when debugging" - is that a soft 
> warning, or a hard one? :-)
> >
> >Thanks in advance. Regards,
> >Vlad
> >
> >
> >  
> >

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