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Paulo Ferreira <>
Tue Mar 18 17:10:59 CET 2003

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>> Beam is a register machine, not a stack machine.
>as to why a register machine is better than a stack machine, one can
>read ''The design of the Inferno virtual machine''
> .

Well, I already am blushing with shame. :-( :-(

So, thats why I did not understand Beam. :-(

About register machines being better than stack machines
 thats a religious subject. :-) :-) :-) :-)

If the virtual machine is typed, like the inferno VM, and the stack is
in memory then some of things in the above paper are true.

About compiling to stack machines see:

Stack computers book:

and Anton Erl Papers at:

Paulo Ferreira

Paulo Ferreira  

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