Redundant Streams in Erlang (Version 2)

Luke Gorrie <>
Fri Mar 14 21:31:34 CET 2003

"Eric Newhuis" <> writes:

> Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to build a high
> availability solution in Erlang?  I want to push a single stream of
> UDP packets from redundant Erlang nodes.  If the master dies then the
> slave needs to take over until the master returns to life.  So this is
> like a pair of redundant data transmitters.
> Is there a quick-and-dirty way?  What is the *right* way?

Assuming all nodes know what data to send, I suppose the real problem
is just making sure that only one node is sending at a time. I *think*
the 'global' module is the Right Way to handle this, though I haven't
used it myself. Though if you need very fast fail-over then perhaps
the distributed erlang heartbeat won't be snappy enough and you'll
need to roll your own..

> Also, is there any popular technique for avoiding data loss?

I don't know one, but it seems like an interesting problem. Please let
us know if you find a nice algorithm.


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