jinterface problems

Sean Hinde <>
Fri Mar 14 19:24:24 CET 2003

You are allowed to open a conection back the the web server yes. I have used
this technique to talk to applets before.


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> Does really the higher java applet security (Sandbox) let you
> open TCP sockets the way you discribe here below? I mean, this 
> sounds quite straight forward doing it in a java application, 
> but doesn´t the "applet thing" add extra difficulties to this 
> task?
>  --- Shawn Pearce <> skrev: 
> > Rasmus Jonsson <> wrote:
> > > What we actually are trying to accomplish is to let
> > > any client (anywhere) download an java applet over http 
> > > from a inets server on the erlang node, and then we 
> > > want the java applet and the e-node to start communica-
> > > ting. (here we cannot require any empd running on the
> > > client!)
> > The best idea would be to form a protocol between the applet
> > and the Erlang server, which responds to clients using gen_tcp.
> > Set {packet, 4} in gen_tcp and use the jinterface classes to
> > serialize messages in java and send them with 4 byte length
> > headers over a TCP socket.  In Erlang you can use term_to_binary
> > and binary_to_term to convert back and forth.  This is essentially
> > all the distribution system does, it just also automatically
> > relays the message to the destination pid, as well as provide
> > for linking and whatnot.
> > 
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