UI thoughts

Matthias Lang <>
Fri Mar 14 13:57:51 CET 2003

Jay Nelson writes:
 > You may have your OpenGL embedded graphics application
 > sooner than you expected, Vlad!
 > "We firmly believe that OpenGL ES will become an important
 > graphics API in the embedded arena," said Bjorn Ekelund,
 > Vice President Technology Development, Ericsson Mobile
 > Platforms.

I'm imagining today's Friday meeting: Kenneth will march out before
the assembled OTP group, admire their freshly starched uniforms as
they stand stiffly at attention and bark "OpenGL is now our #1
priority". All thunder in unison: "Yes SIR! OpenGL SIR!". Bulan shakes.

It's almost like that in Älvsjö, but not quite. ;-)

It's likely that Björn Ekelund has never heard of Erlang and that the
OTP group haven't heard of Björn Ekelund. I don't recognise the name.
Then again, I never was much of an expert on Ericsson structure.  
Ericsson is (still) a big company. There's a lot of diversity. That's
a good thing.


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