ANNOUNCE: erlguten

C.Reinke <>
Thu Mar 13 18:57:07 CET 2003

>   I  read that  a typesetter  setting newsprint  on a  Linotype machine
> could enter properly formatted text  4 times faster than with a modern
> desk top publishing system. This  was *not* WYSIWYG but all done single
> key type setting  commands ... If anybody knows how  to get a Linotype
> manual can they mail me :-)

Don't know about manuals, but you know how companies go shopping;-)

  Linotype -> Linotype-Hell -> Heidelberger Druckmaschinen


might be a good place to start searching? For fonts, there's also

as well as various linotype archeology & nostalgia sites, such as

But I guess you've already googled for linotype?


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