Statefulness = "Processness"...?

Vlad Dumitrescu vlad_dumitrescu@REDACTED
Thu Mar 13 06:27:22 CET 2003

Chris wrote:
> The thing is, you can't do it this way with a textbox, essentially
> because the textbox is shared.  Maybe you could do it this way
> with a single textbox in a modal dialog box with one owner which is
> patiently waiting for it to close and which isn't sharing it with
> anything else.
> But not in the general case.  Definately not, if we're considering
> 'liveness' as an important property (some other node might want the
> textbox contents to change, etc.)


Liveness is important, but I don't think it is good design to pop up a
dialog for the user to enter data and let the content change "automagically"
because of some background activity. It is unexpected and confusing, not to
think about what happens if the user is mid-way through entering a name and
it is suddenly replaced by something else. So liveness shouldn't affect
fields where the user is expected to enter data.


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