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Mikael Karlsson <>
Wed Mar 12 17:59:15 CET 2003

I recall that XML editors from Arbortext and
Excosoft are (were?) also used within Ericsson.
They provide some approximation of the end


onsdag 12 mars 2003 17:05 skrev Ulf Wiger:
> On Wed, 12 Mar 2003, Joe Armstrong wrote:
> >  If you look at a newspaper the overall design is based on
> >a smallish number of templates - where each template is a
> >set of rectangular boxes (I guess most papers use less than
> >20 templates) - indeed there should only be a small number
> >of templates if the work as a whole is to have a consistent
> >look and feel.
> Working for a Big Company (albeit smaller than it used to
> be...), where you're supposed to write technical
> documentation in FrameMaker, using some predefined templates
> (technicians write docs in FrameMaker, product managers and
> marketing people use MS Word, making things even better), I
> would _love_ to see a shift towards writing simple XML
> documents and then transforming XML -> HTML, and XML -> PDF.
> Not all documents we write need to be pretty (some do), but
> all of them should be eminently searchable. Also, they need
> to be version-controlled (and version control systems tend
> to like text best of all.)
> What I guess is needed to convince those of my colleagues
> who are not vi or emacs fanatics, is some input tool that
> gives at least a decent approximation of what the output is
> going to look like (WYSINWYWGBCEFW*) and some simple
> graphical aide that hides those scary XML tags. (:
> /Uffe
> (*) What You See Is Not What You Will Get, But Close Enough
> For Government Work.

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