ANNOUNCE: erlguten

Peter-Henry Mander <>
Wed Mar 12 15:03:49 CET 2003

I think the appeal is in being able to generate elaborate, presentation 
quality documents directly from changable/dynamic data, with charts, 
graphs, tables, links etc...

I intend to use it to generate printable reports directly from and 
within a product testing framework and is accessible from a web page.

Thanks Joe, btw, for doing this. I've now got all the tools (pdf,web) I 
need in Erlang, and in the form of tutorials no less. I owe you quite a 
few beers :-)


HP Wei wrote:
>>Very nice indeed.
>>So far I have been using Latex for my wordprocessing.
>>It will be nice to use erlang instead !
>   I just want to know the reason for this.
>   Is erlguten going to be 'Latex' plus more ??
> hp

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