ANNOUNCE: erlguten

Joe Armstrong <>
Wed Mar 12 16:07:18 CET 2003

  ErlGuten is a system for transforming XML -> PDF

  It also  provides a nice way  of doing 'on  the fly' transformations
from XML like parse trees into PDF.

  In ErlGuten a document has threee parts, a layout, content and a map
which maps content onto layout boxes.

  In LaTeX layout it is almost impossibly difficult - you type in your
stuff and LaTeX figures out where to  put it on the page - ErlGuten is
the other way  around - you start by defining  precisely where all the
boxes on  a page are to  be, and all the  fonts etc. and  then you say
what text is to be put into which box etc.

  ErlGuten combines several technologies - XML, Postscript/PDF and Erlang.

  XML is a wide spread and easy to use mark-up language

  Postscript/PDF is freely available and there are many beautiful Type1
postscript fonts

  Erlang is used for writing plug-ins and extensions.

  It is my hope that I will be able to replace LaTeX with ErlGuten and
achieve better quality results with less effort.


On Wed, 12 Mar 2003, HP Wei wrote:

> >Very nice indeed.
> >So far I have been using Latex for my wordprocessing.
> >
> >It will be nice to use erlang instead !
>   I just want to know the reason for this.
>   Is erlguten going to be 'Latex' plus more ??
> hp

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