jinterface problems

Rasmus Jonsson <>
Tue Mar 11 20:35:33 CET 2003

The javaprogram in Australia tried to do new OtpNode
giving the adress of the E-node on my machine in
(the jinterface UG is not explicit on this point)

Another response I got, said that the empd has to run
on the java klient machine for it to work.

What we actually are trying to accomplish is to let
any client (anywhere) download an java applet over
from a inets server on the erlang node, and then we 
want the java applet and the e-node to start
ting. (here we cannot require any empd running on the

>From the responses, I have got so far, it seems like 
jinterface is the wrong way to go to get this working.
Is this correctly understood? Is there any other 
library/package that is better suited for e-node/java
applet communication?

Thanks, Rasmus

 --- Vlad Dumitrescu <>
skrev: > Hi,
> > My friend created a java program that tried to
> create
> > a new instance of the class OtpNode on his machine
> > with the full name of my erlang node 
> and my
> > erlang security cookie (on my machine half a world
> > away, him Sidney, me Sweden).
> >
> > OtpNode node = new OtpNode
> ("","mycookie");
> is yyy.zz your machine or his? The node should be
> called
> 's_name because it isn't the name
> of a node to connect to,
> but the name of the node tha Java program is
> starting. From there you can
> connect to the Erlang node on your machine.
> That's my guess, since I don't know what the thrown
> exception is. Hope it
> helps.
> regards,
> Vlad

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