Concurrent beam? + Erlux

Thomas Lindgren thomasl_erlang@REDACTED
Mon Mar 10 13:02:31 CET 2003

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> > I have just started a project erlux that will run
> Erlang on top of the 
> > Linux kernel (without user space - well you may
> start a user space 
> is this easier/better than using OSKit?
> (

My impression from playing with the OSkit is that it
works fairly well; you can at least build and boot
example kernels very quickly. It also seems to work
well in practice: there are a handful of research
OS:es of varying complexity built w. OSkit.

The OSkit uses GPL v2 as a license. The impact of that
depends on what you're going to do, I guess (from
their summary, it seems you have to make the files
linked with the OSkit open source). Likely not an

The Linux advantage is that the groundwork is done and
the architecture is already there (and might be
familiar). Probably "future proof" due to the user
community. The code license is not an issue, AFAIK.
(But then I'm not a lawyer :-)


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