Paradigms / OO vs CO

Bjarne Däcker <>
Sat Mar 8 10:04:15 CET 2003


> I think the important thing to point out is: OO itself is not a
> problem.  Becoming entrenched in and dogmatic about OO (or any
> paradigm) is much more problematic.

Engineers in all fields think in terms
of the basic abstractions they have
learnt, like resistors, capacitors,
impedances etc or in software data
types, functions, processes etc.

The idea with OO seems to be to 
reduce everything down to just *one*
abstraction, which would make software
a very unique engieering science. 

I think that the reason for this is its
attractions to management. To them
software is just an amorphous mass
so objects seem to create some form
of order or structure.


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