Mickael Remond <>
Fri Mar 7 14:18:41 CET 2003

Tony Rogvall <>:

> I have just started a project erlux that will run Erlang on top of the
> Linux kernel (without user space - well you may start a user space
> process if you like). This will be a patch to the kernel
> replacing the init process with the emulator loop, but not leaving the
> kernel space. When running such a beast a SMP system will be useless
> unless we can run the scheduler in multiple threads.

Yuhm !
Sounds very good :-)
I do not know a lot of thing about Linux Kernel development, but what are the
implication ?
Does this mean you are booting the system directly to the Erlang virtual machine ?
How will this be related to the Erlang boot process ?

Is your project hosted on Sourceforge ?

It might be the right time to update the Erwolf project, an Erlang-Linux based
distribution :-)

Mickaël Rémond

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