Concurrent beam?

Luke Gorrie <>
Fri Mar 7 11:27:29 CET 2003

Ulf Wiger <> writes:

> Separating application- and I/O processing is one of the
> most efficient ways of increasing performance in I/O-bound
> systems (and I believe many Erlang-based products are
> I/O-bound.)

Can you elaborate?

My picture of an I/O-bound system is that you've run out of I/O
resources, and have CPU to spare - so the application processing
shouldn't affect your performance?

Perhaps there are different flavours of "I/O bound" - are you I/O or
CPU bound when your select()-loop or kernel is overloading the CPU
while performing I/O?

The whole "I/O-bound" concept if very attractive, from the "no use
doing this in C instead" perspective ;-)


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