Yaws 1.01

Klacke <>
Thu Mar 6 22:16:13 CET 2003


Time for a new Yaws release.  

Here's the freshmeat blurb for those of you that don't know
what Yaws is ....

Yaws is a high performance, light-weight, threaded HTTP 1.1 Web 
server targeted for the generation of dynamic content. 
It is written in Erlang, and the server side dynamic content is 
generated by Erlang code embedded in the HTML code. 

And here are the rel notes:

----- snip ----------
This is bugfix release.

Bug in ssl config passord parse found by Eric Pearson

Bug in arg rewrite handling found and fixed by Taavi Talvik

Bug with redir for missing trailing slash together with a query part of the url fixed, found by Erik Pearson

Added the option of disabling dir_listings

Added http version to access log messages

Did away with the idiotic calls to id -u as well as the the broken 
grep in /etc/passwd. 

Also ensured that .yaws files with a query part don't end up in the cache. 
They need to be reparsed every time

Fixed probles with paths that had a query part ending up in the cache

Added proper support for 'if-none-match' with etag matching by Johan Bevemyr

Skip empty space after an erl chunk in a .yaws file

Handle broken clients that start with CRNL instead of proper request line

Handle 0.9 clients




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