yeah, we're just better then awk!

Raimo Niskanen <>
Thu Mar 6 12:13:52 CET 2003

If you just are reading from the 2d array, you could try a tuple of 
tuples (of elements). They kan be accesed by index (element(N, Tuple)), 
but if you need to change one element the whole tuple has to be rebuilt.

/ Raimo Niskanen, Erlang/OTP, Ericsson AB

Pierpaolo BERNARDI wrote:
> From: "Eric Merritt" <>
>> Yea the guy who did this has a comentary on Erlang
>>that basically says the same think. That its a nice
>>langauge and none of the tests are suited to its
> Hmmm...  I have been surprised by Erlang in a test 
> which probably is as far from its strengths as possible.
> I rewrote in Erlang a Common Lisp program which,
> essentially, accesses repeatedly a big 2d array, 
> and does some manipulations of short lists.
> I obtain these times:
> Clisp: 11/12s
> HCL: 1.5/2s
> Erlang using gb_trees as arrays: 32/34s
> Erlang using an ets table as array: 7/8s
> Clisp is a free CL that compiles to byte code.
> HCL is a commercial CL compiling to native code.
> Erlang is the byte code compiler, no Hipe.
> I was expecting much worse results for Erlang.
> Code available at
> BTW, is there a better data structure to be used as an array
> (i.e. a map from fixed length tuples of integers)?
> P.

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