performance analysis

Mats Cronqvist <>
Thu Mar 6 08:48:18 CET 2003

  i've checked in that AXD301 performance analysis/troubleshooting tool pan in 
jungerl ( it's a front end to the 
trace bif with some pretty intricate filters. it's changed daily to cope with 
different scenarios in the AXD; consequently it's quite "dense and chaotic" 
(tm). see the blurb below.
  since it comes with the Luke Gorrie Stamp of Approval it's probably worth 
checking out.


 pan was developed to solve this common problem; what resources (CPU time and 
memory consumption) does a set of actions (a test case) consume? the basic 
idea is that you start the measurement, perform the test case and stop the 
measurement. this will generate a set of data files containing a wealth of 
information, which can then be processed to present e.g.

    * how much CPU time and memory each erlang process consumed
    * how much memory was added to each ets table
    * what did the call stack look like when some function was called
    * what messages were sent between processes 

at the current stage the program contains the functionality of the OTP 
applications dbg and fprof, the unix application top, and some extras. it is 
designed to run with minimal impact (which is sometimes huge) in an embedded 

alas, it is not a product, so your mileage will vary. 

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