The update R9B-1 is released

Kent Boortz <>
Wed Mar 5 23:13:19 CET 2003

"Daniel Dudley" <> writes:
> Thanks for the explanation, but exactly why is the emulator
> not so easily rebuilt? And does this apply to the other
> platforms, too?

All sources are there so of course you can build it somehow. Our
current build process is to build a Unix build first and contact a
small rpc daemon (a Perl script) on a Windows machine that run nmake
to compile the C files. As OTP has grown the Windows build has become
unnecessary complicated (Perl calling an Erlang progam, calling
Perl...). Because of this the Windows builds and test runs sometimes
fail in our daily build and test - not because of bugs in OTP but
because of the build process used. We will now use Cygwin to create a
cleaner build process that also will be similar on Unix and Windows
enabling us to share make files etc.

Other platforms we build on are mostly Unix/Linux/MacOS X and there we
have no problem building because they can all use the GNU development
tools. We also build for VxWorks and OSE but they are cross builds
from Solaris that mostly use the GNU development tools,


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