Installation problem R9B-0

Kent Boortz <>
Tue Mar 4 10:38:00 CET 2003

Per Einar Strömme <> writes:
> In the file  'otp_src_R9B-0/erts/autoconf/config.guess'  (row 884 & 886)
> the printout from 'ld --help' is searched for the text: 'supported emulations'
> but in my version it returns the swedish          text: 'emuleringar som stöds'.
> I certainly did'nt expect the help text from ld to be translated but
> it was.
> So I changed the rows in 'config.guess' to the swedish text and 'make' workt.
> For 'make install' I had to change it back to the original text.

Thank you for your detailed report. This is a bug that has been
corrected in later releases of config.guess. From the ChangeLog

  2002-02-12  Ben Elliston  <>

        * config.guess: Set LC_ALL, not LANG, when running ld --help.
        From Nicola Pero <>.

  2002-01-22  Nicola Pero  <>

        * config.guess (i*86:Linux:*:*): Fixed: export LANG=C before
        running ld so that linker output can be assumed to be in English,
        and it works with non-default locales.

We will update the config.guess and config.sub before R9B-2,



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