yeah, we're just better then awk!

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Tue Mar 4 10:21:45 CET 2003

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> Given the number of languages he implemented in, I have
> to wonder how good his implementation was in anything,
> save C or Java.  :)

they are not all his implementations. anybody can send in a version.
most exotic languages have other authors.

> Also, the tests are very small tests that only test
> simple operations.  Nearly all languages have about
> the same number of lines of code, each test does no
> useful work,

are we talking about ?
most of the tests there do real work (ex: word count, sorting,
reversing, adding numbers) on file contents.

> and the tests run fast on bare hardware
> and slower when higher levels are in the way. Thus
> they are unfairly biased against the native compiled
> languages.  Its also unfairly biased against apps
> that can startup/shutdown very fast, which both
> Java and Erlang don't do well.  SAE may have
> faired better.

i do not think it is unfairly biased. for this kind of problems it is a
good thing to be fast in startup and excution speed.
moreover, some of the languages that are fast are very high level (ex:
ocaml, haskell, sml).
perhaps you mean that the higher levels are virtual machines?


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