OTP or not to OTP

Jay Nelson <>
Tue Mar 4 06:55:09 CET 2003

OK, I'm back in the OTP camp.  I have figured out what
to change, but I have only 1 hour every few days during
the week for this so it will definitely be next weekend before
I have a chance to post my example.

The struggles I had were due to two things: inexperience
with the erlang way and having to restructure my original
approach because of the process counting.  I was fighting
the mindset that I started the project with.  I will also
incorporate the discussions of monitor / demonitor and
the more correct record testing method as well as the
deadlock issue which can bite with just 1 server.  The biggest
effort will be rewriting the text of the tutorial because the
issues have all changed from what I was originally highlighting.
It will explicitly identify the design tradeoffs and why the
approach presented was chosen.

Thanks all for a very insightful discussion.


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