More GUI (ravings?)

Vlad Dumitrescu (EAW) <>
Mon Mar 3 14:21:43 CET 2003

> From: Eric Merritt [mailto:]
>  I kind of think that you are being misguided by the
> OO world. Don't get me wrong I like OO and don't think
> it is a bad thing, but its not the only way to do
> things. Inheritence is not the only way to handle
> sub-windowing behavior either, I am pretty sure.
>  Unfortunatly, I need to think about it before I can
> offer suggestions, but I would say try to think in
> native erlang datastructures and processes. They are a
> good solution and they should work for this just like
> they work for so much else. Don't try to reinvent OO
> in Erlang. 

I completely agree, and that's why I asked! :-) Maybe someone here isn't as "OO-ized" :-)

I too want to make this completely Erlang-based, both in spirit and in implementation. I tried to find some references that might help, but again, all are OO, or OO-like, or even further from Erlang's model (monads and stuff).

Sub-classing isn't really OO, as it can be used and is used at run-time, changing behaviour of things defined elsewhere. 


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