OTP or not to OTP

Sean Hinde <>
Mon Mar 3 14:07:43 CET 2003

> Considering I'm on the Erlang platform partly for the OTP release
> handling, and partly for the OTP accelerated development, I'm crazy
> to think I can (as an Erlang hack, not expert!) build OTP overnight
> and better for my application then these fine folks have done with
> OTP.
> After 8 hours of Erlang hacking last night, I have to tip my hat
> to the OTP developers and say "THANK YOU!".

I find it quite revealing that it is the people who wrote that stuff who
come out here and say that they roll their own. You can interpret this two

1. They think their own creations suck so they don't use them

2. They have transcended the need for any such thing and can re-create the
original genius at will.

I'm sure there are more explanations, but I know which one I believe after 4
years of successfully using OTP.


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