firewall proxy in Erlang

Matthias Lang <>
Mon Mar 3 13:17:44 CET 2003


I have Telia ADSL both at home and at work. We use it in conjunction
with a standalone firewall (one of our old prototype boards, which
happens to have two ethernet interfaces and runs Erlang).

Over time, I've hacked up a few tools to make life with Telia ADSL and
a firewall more fun. They've now grown to the point where they may be
useful for other Erlang hackers.

>From the README file:


     - Telia ADSL autologin. Automatically logs you back into 
       Telia's ADSL service whenever something at Telia goes wrong
       and logs you out. (this happens once every couple of months,
       and it always seems to be in the middle of the night when nobody's
       at the office to log in again)

     - ZoneEdit Dynamic DNS client.

     - HTTP/1.0 proxy. Proxy supports http, https and ftp methods, as 
       well as the HTTP/1.1 CONNECT method. 

     - FTP proxy. Allows you to connect to an FTP server on the other
       side of the firewall with your ordinary FTP program. Useful
       for uploading files to sites that don't have SSH.

     - Generic TCP port forwarder. Lets SSH, IMAP, POP, 
       SMTP, NNTP, CVS, etc. through the firewall. 

     - Incoming TCP port forwarder. Forwards external
       connections to a certain machine on the inside.

     - Bandwidth rationing. Problem: someone else is downloading an 
       ISO, so now all the interactive SSH connections are sluggish
       for the next couple of hours. Solution: throttle the download
       in the proxy.

Grab it from:

It's 'alpha' quality, i.e. it'll probably take a couple of emails to
me before it works.


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