OTP or not to OTP

Shawn Pearce <>
Mon Mar 3 13:06:10 CET 2003

Sean Hinde <> wrote:
> gen_server really works in most cases and has been designed to provide
> exactly the framework you are after. I would be surprised if you didn't end
> up re-inventing it almost the same if you made your own

After writing a non-gen_server this weekend, and then a gen_server
(different task, but still), I have to say, you might have to be
either nuts or Joe to think about not using gen_server.  I wound
up writing almost everything gen_server gives you already in much
longer code, but not as good of a solution.

Considering I'm on the Erlang platform partly for the OTP release
handling, and partly for the OTP accelerated development, I'm crazy
to think I can (as an Erlang hack, not expert!) build OTP overnight
and better for my application then these fine folks have done with

After 8 hours of Erlang hacking last night, I have to tip my hat
to the OTP developers and say "THANK YOU!".


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