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Per Bergqvist <>
Mon Mar 3 08:33:40 CET 2003

> >  2. Bytecode interpreted (i.e. not compiled to native code).      
> Isn't this why we have HIPE?  And thus far, I have not seen HIPE    
> performance over code run in the bytecode interpreter.  Therefore I 
> to ask:                                                             
> 	- is the rest of erts slow?                                        
> 	- is the bytecode interpreter really fast?                         
erts and beam are quite good.                                         
HIPE generates good code for the function body but the gain is        
"hidden" by the overhead costs.                                       
Until HIPE starts to do loop and whole program optimisations we will  
not see any major improvement IMHO.                                   
> 	- do I just keep my mathmatical computation outside of erlang?     
Depends. When you have a large number of items it might be worth it.  
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