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Faust <>
Mon Mar 3 00:18:23 CET 2003

This is a message from comp.lang.functional.
Someone wanted "hot code replacement, just like erlang"
I suggested using erlang.
This was the reply I recieved.
Please not the comment about "how good or bad Erlang PR is "

Perhaps someone more knowledgeable than me could answer 
in comp.lang.functional, thus contributing to good PR :-)

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 Faust wrote:
> Erlang is a functional language.
> Is there any reason to not use erlang ?
 I have never programmed in Erlang, just skimmed a few chapters of 
 written material, so take this as an account of how good or bad the 
 Erlang PR is, not whether Erlang is good or bad.
 So, here's what speaks against Erlang (there are also a lot of things 
 that speak *for* it, I'm omitting that because it would be off-topic):

 1. No static typing.

 2. Bytecode interpreted (i.e. not compiled to native code).

 3. Possibly not "really functional", i.e. mutable stuff (message sends 
 and state-dependent responses) play an important part when it comes to 
 structuring and maintaining large programs. (Of course, you *can* do 
 large parts of purely functional programming in Erlang.) (This is just 
 an impression that I gained, something that somebody with personal 
 experience in Erlang should confirm or deny. Hence the "possibly" in the 
 first sentence of this paragraph.)

 4. Some roots in Prolog, which I find... er... disturbing (my personal 
 encounters with Prolog were, say, unlucky... its strengths were less 
 useful than I had expected, and definitely not worth the weaknesses that 
 were the payment for its strengths - IMHO (I never became a Prolog guru)).

 Note that all of the above points might be considered irrelevant, a 
 showstopper, or even a plus, depending on circumstances, available 
 expertise, and personal religion.


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