BSD Firewall

Jay Nelson jay@REDACTED
Fri Jun 20 06:28:47 CEST 2003

I got my first fanless PCs to use as game servers.  I have
3 machines and will make one a dedicated firewall and
the other two load-balanced web / game servers.  I will be
running from flash memory and RAM, but will network
to a bigger machine to hold any DB or log info.

I am thinking to make the firewall machine a BSD setup
(and probably the others as well), but have been using
Linux up to now.  A few questions for others more familiar
with BSD:

1) Which should I use?  NetBSD, FreeBSD or OpenBSD
and why?  I am inclined right now to use the one with the
best tutorial on how to set up a diskless firewall.

2) Does erlang run better or differently on any of the three?

3) Who out there is using erlang + BSD and what kind of
experiences have they encountered?

4) Any tricks to compiling erlang for these OSes?


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