Handling huge amounts of data

Vlad Dumitrescu vlad_dumitrescu@REDACTED
Thu Jun 5 14:39:10 CEST 2003

Hi Jay,

First things first, I have a programm running, running in Delphi. Doing the
tests for one item takes some 30s, and since I have to choose at least 50000
of them, it's going to be running some 3 weeks. I guess any interpreted
language will be slower than direct memory access. The good news is it's
going to be run once a year, or so.

> Hmm, interesting that it is always the same size.  Can you say more
> about the test?  Is there any similarity in the data content?  Any way
> to compress the data that is related to the search mechanism?  Does
> the problem map to other similar problems?  How many search requests
> do you get and how often?  How long do you have to respond (latency
> and thruput)?

I am not sure if everybody is interested in more details, and also I am not
allowed to say too much, but the answer to most of the questions above is
'no, as far as I can tell'. The items are the numbers 1 to 27 and I have to
filter out certain interdependencies, and the comparisons need to be done
one by one.

Thanks for all the good ideas. I'll look for another opportunity to use

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