Ulf Wiger <>
Fri Jan 31 17:11:27 CET 2003

Can someone explain this?

1> c(leader).
2> leader:module_info(compile).
3> c(leader,[warn_unused_vars]).
./leader.erl:126: Warning: variable 'From' is unused
4> leader:module_info(compile).

That is, I've added '-compile(warn_unused_vars)' in the
source code, but the linter seems to ignore that. With
module_info, I can see that the compile option is there. I
don't get any warning unless I add 'warn_unused_vars' as an
explicit option to compile, though.

I looked briefly at compile.erl, but I'd rather that someone
who knows the code take a look. It's not the simplest module
in the OTP distribution.

This is compiler-4.1.1 (OTP R9B)

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