A Joeish Erlang distribution

Miguel Barreiro Paz <>
Fri Jan 31 13:54:28 CET 2003

> this or that common crash recovery pattern. Hot code swapping, which we
> never use in the field anyway etc = To much generic robustness library
> functionality.

	Never underestimate the selling power of hot code swapping :-)

> I believe it would be easier to gain more Erlang followers if we had a
> simpler middle way to achieve what OTP promises, i.e. the thing I propose.

	I agree completely. I'm just objecting that leaving OTP for
telecom use only is in my humble opinion a big mistake. Until there is
something better, of course.

> If you think the user base is unimportant or me being silly and rhetoric
> you are probably right.

	None of them - sorry if I sounded harsh.

Kindest regards,


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