A Joeish Erlang distribution

Miguel Barreiro Paz <>
Fri Jan 31 11:54:00 CET 2003

> If you want a *Telecom* platform. Please, go ahead use OTP! It's solid and
> does what it's suppose to do.

	But then probably gen_server, gen_fsm et al are not exactly
"Telecom". What is exclusively Telecom in Erlang? The ASN.1 compiler?
H.323, LDAP and Kerberos5 are all spread in the common, non-Telecom world
:) and their wire formats are specified in asn1. The CORBA apps? the GNOME
desktop is as little Telecom-oriented as it can be and gnome apps
communicate to each other using CORBA. SNMP? Pieces of software as
commonplace as the Squid http cache or Windows2k have an SNMP interface
and are not generally considered Telecom world only.

	My point is that OTP is not really Telecom-only. The gen_*
behaviours especially. And half of the usefulness of Erlang is due to that
set of design principles, libraries and applications that has the bad luck
of having a "T" for "Telecom" in its name.

Kindest regards,


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