Other things I don't get (WAS: Re: A Joeish Erlang distribution(long))

Garrett G. Hodgson <>
Thu Jan 30 02:31:37 CET 2003

> Joe Armstrong wrote:
> >   If every  adopted this the  demand for H/W  would rise -  with great
> > ensuing benefit for the western economy.
> But that's exactly what M and I are doing right now ... M writes
> slower and fatter s/w so that I can sell faster h/w. 
> 15 years ago a PC used to take around 2 minutes to boot DOS off
> a floppy. Today it takes 2 minutes to boot Windoze off a 7200
> RPM hd. My good old ZX81 used to have BASIC in ROM and "booted" in a couple
> of seconds.

as a friend of mine put it,
"remember when computers were slow and applications were fast?".

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