A Joeish Erlang distribution (long)

Torbjorn Tornkvist <>
Tue Jan 28 13:01:03 CET 2003

>I am currently evaluating Erlang with a view to adopting it for a railway traffic supervision system.
Ahh...I remember a nice little hack I, Magnus and Robert wrote once:
We wrote a train supervision/control system for a Maerklin railway set
that we showed at a big fair here in Stockholm. Robert wrote the control
parts, dealing with sensors and switches etc, and Magnus and I wrote  the
GUI which consisted of an exact drawing of the real setup, where you
could see where the different trainset were etc. Those were the days... :-)

Cheers /Tobbe
(Ps. some old GUI code can be found here: 
http://www.bluetail.com/~tobbe/train/ )

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