A Joeish Erlang distribution

Bjarne Däcker <>
Tue Jan 28 10:44:31 CET 2003

Kenneth Lundin wrote: 

  Hi all, 
  Here are some comments from the Erlang/OTP Product Manager at Ericsson. 

  1) We have plans to divide the Erlang/OTP distribution into s number of 
  separate packages. Preliminary we are thinking of 3 packages: 
  - Core package (erts,kernel,stdlib,sasl,mnesia,os_mon,inets,compiler,..) 
  - Tools&Utilities (parse_tools, tools, debugger, observer, et, tv, ... 
  - Telecom/protocols (snmp, asn1, orber, megaco, ... 

  The exact contents is not settled yet. 
  When this happens is not decided either but an optimistic guess is 
  before the end of 2003. 

Do you think that further such 
packages could be developed 
by people outside the Erlang/OTP 
There is some research money 
available both on national and 
European level (for example 
Eureka). Perhaps we could 
put together some proposal. 


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