A Joeish Erlang distribution (long)

James Hague <>
Mon Jan 27 22:58:41 CET 2003

>I would suggest that the core package be even
>more limited.  All you really need to run Erlang
>is erts, kernel and stdlib. 

Basic stuff like compiler and parsetools are pretty lightweight, and useful.
It would be annoying, I think, if the core Erlang package was no good for
development and you had to grab an additional small package in order to
compile code.  And, okay, like parsetools :)  But I agree that mnesia should
be moved out of the core.  It's far from lightweight, and it's certainly not
something that most people use.

Isn't the crypto module semi-obsolete, because the MD5 digest functions have
been added as BIFs?

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