A Joeish Erlang distribution (long)

martin j logan <>
Mon Jan 27 20:23:47 CET 2003

> > I see Java's available free documentation, the well done online tutorials
> > and even the use of the javadoc tool as big plus of that language.
> > The Erlang documentation seems less accessable to me.

Richard Carlsson, has done a great job with edoc. It is an erlang
specific doc generation tool. I have modified my erlang emacs mode to
spit out all skeletons fully edoc'd. Edoc has increased the amount of
useful documentation that I have with a minimum of pain. If anyone wants
the emacs stuff just ask.

> I fully agree. Dense. Steep learning curve. Geared towards zealots.
> Cheers
> /Jocke
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> pulls out a sword I'd like to see you get up there with your Bic.

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