A Joeish Erlang distribution (long)

Joakim G. <>
Mon Jan 27 18:48:31 CET 2003

Joakim G. wrote:

> Marc Ernst Eddy van Woerkom wrote:
>>>  1 Internet (server) programming focus
>>>  2 Concurrency Oriented Programming Language
>>>  3 Simplicity (due to 4)
>>>  4 Capable of handling small/middle/largish software projects
>>>  5 Aggressive towards addition/removal of language constructs/libraries
>>>     (thus 6) [*].
>>>  6 Less focus on backwards compatibility.
>> What if one wants to create a cute looking rich client in Erlang?
>> The present graphical user interface is looking very old fashioned.
> Erlang is so much better suited for the server side. Lets forget building
> product quality GUIs in Erlang. You can't be everywhere. :-)

That was uneccesary harsh. What I meant to say was that only a few have
managed to create a GUI using the avilalable Erlang/OTP and still maintain
a smile on people sitting on win32 clients.

The same is true far Java as well I suppose.


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