A Joeish Erlang distribution (long)

Marc Ernst Eddy van Woerkom <>
Mon Jan 27 16:17:55 CET 2003

>   1 Internet (server) programming focus
>   2 Concurrency Oriented Programming Language
>   3 Simplicity (due to 4)
>   4 Capable of handling small/middle/largish software projects
>   5 Aggressive towards addition/removal of language constructs/libraries
>      (thus 6) [*].
>   6 Less focus on backwards compatibility.

What if one wants to create a cute looking rich client in Erlang?
The present graphical user interface is looking very old fashioned.

>   Documentation
>   -------------
>   Documentation is the key to the spread the COPL message/distribution.
>   Because of the "pure" Erlang (read: non-OTP) nature of the
>   distribution a revised version of the Erlang book would suffice. I
>   know: It has to be written from scratch to avoid copyright
>   infringement. At least is doesn't need to describe OTP so the work
>   involved would be _somewhat_ restricted. This means a lot of work. I
>   can volunteer with a chapter on how to write an xmlrpc servers/clients
>   [if this is what the editor wants].

I see Java's available free documentation, the well done online tutorials
and even the use of the javadoc tool as big plus of that language.
The Erlang documentation seems less accessable to me.


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