A Joeish Erlang distribution (long)

Chappell, Simon P <>
Mon Jan 27 15:57:15 CET 2003

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>> >Erlang is ready for an alternative distribution.
>I would strongly oppose this view as it can easily kill 
>Erlang. You cannot

All of the evidence that I have seen shows the opposite to be true. Linux certainly does not seem to be in danger of dying out. I think a web-oriented Erlang would be just the way to spark people into looking into it more.

>possibly judge about ability to sustain more than one 
>distribution based on
>a "recent discussion on the list".  Partitioning Erlang would 
>only reduce
>from critical mass required to raise Erlang to the next level 
>(whatever that

I don't think that the hard-core Erlang folks are going to stop using it just because the web folks start using it. Remember, Perl was a sys. admin tool until the web folks discovered it.

>might be). Let' s keep things together for another few years 
>-- if Eralng
>has to evolve, let it evolve as a whole...

No one is asking that anything negative be done to the core Erlang, only that further avenues be created to bring people to Erlang usage.

I think that I would be a good example of the target for this new proposed distribution. I am a Java programmer that specialises in web application development and I would love to have some help getting into Erlang to the point where I could produce fast, robust web apps using it.



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