Greetings all,

Luke Gorrie <>
Fri Jan 24 17:01:20 CET 2003

"DANIESC SCHUTTE" <> writes:

>    I would like to enquire about where I can look for clues as to
>    why I get this message.  The system is running on two nodes and
>    the dbi_crm application is running on the 
>    server.  Executing the same command on the database server
>    itself, gives me a correct response.  Both nodes can see each
>    other.  Any suggestions?

I'm not sure if there is a higher-level problem, but:

> ()1> dbi_crm:get_crm_008('01').
> ** exited: {undef,[{dbi_crm,get_crm_008,['01']},

This means that the function dbi_crm:get_crm_008/1 doesn't exist in
that node, possibly because it can't find the dbi_crm module in its
load path.

If you wanted to run the code over on the DB node using an RPC, you
could say:

  rpc:call('', dbi_crm, get_crm_008, ['01']).


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