Why Erlang is the best concurrent language available

Shawn Pearce <>
Thu Jan 23 20:29:05 CET 2003

Sean Hinde <> wrote:
> >   Projects fail because the SW does  not work and *not* because the SW
> > was too slow -  remember this and you will have a  long and happy life
> > as a programmer.
> Not always true.. We have a multi million pound project which needs to run
> at 200 calls per second - but after 2 years or trying (and buying almost the
> biggest UNIX machines we can find) has now reached the awesome speed of 20
> per second. Scary!

Almost all projects fail because the SW does not work, and not because
the software was too slow then.  :)

If you get over the correctness hurdle, then you can address the
performance issue.  Few projects are ever correct, many can perform
well.  Probably by not doing the work actually required.

We're neither at work right now with the systems written in Java.
These are 4 year old products too.  (Not that 4 years old is old, but
come on, 4 years and we have yet to be correct, let alone fast?)


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