CRYPTO inclusion in another app startup

Peter H|gfeldt <>
Tue Jan 21 20:35:08 CET 2003

On Tue, 21 Jan 2003, DANIESC SCHUTTE wrote:

> Greetings to all the wise men,
> I would like to enquire if and or what the requirements are for
> including the crypto application in an otp boot up script in order to
> function.  We are starting up all the other supervisors and we only get
> a failure on trying to start crypto. 
> The error message: crypto.drv not found (although the file is in both
> the priv directory of the application as well as the root directory of
> the application) 

The name of the file is `crypto_drv' (and not `crypto.drv') and the file
must be in `crypto-Vsn/priv/lib'. 

Please tell us more: 

1) operating system;  

2) Erlang/OTP version; 

3) Crypto version;

4) if you created a separate package with `systools' and unpacked that
   in  a new directory location,  or not; 

5) how you created the boot script;

6) If you used opensource Erlang and really did build the crypto
   application, or if you used a binary Erlang/OTP distribution. 

> Any other suggestions are welcome.  
> Thanks again for all the support we receive. 
> Daniel Schutte 
> [...] 


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