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Hi Milan,
Yes, you are right, NETSim is an internal Ericsson product, which is extensively used when Ericsson's network management products are developed and tested. NETSim is written mostly in Erlang (more than 500,000 lines of source code and growing).  If you are on the Ericsson intranet, you can order NETSim and download the product  and its documentation from <>  but this will probably not help you.
>From your mail I cannot tell if you are interested in NETSim as an AXE simulator or in AXE behaviour in general (MTP and commands over the MTP protocol).
In the first case you can contact me for technical information and the NETSim product manager, Torbjörn Nyman  <mailto:> , in commercial matters. In the second case you could get some information from the NETSim documentation, but I would certainly recommend the documentation of the AXE system itself.
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            Bengt Tillman (NETSim software architect). 
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Subject: MTP simulator?
Since I am interested in AXE 10 switch I found on web that:
Netsim is a network simulator sold by Ericsson/Hewlit packard. NETSim simulates the operations and maintenance behavior of AXE Network Elements (AXE is a very large switching system product). NETSim simulates commands, printouts, alarms and files transfers. NETSim supports the Message Transfer Protocol (MTP) and communicates through a X.25 protocol.
If this is true where I can find list of command line parameter(commands) used in MTP protocol ?
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postgraduate student of telecommunication,
Milan Vukoslavcevic
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