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Sean Hinde <>
Fri Jan 17 19:42:07 CET 2003

> O'Haskell is
> the purely functional language Haskell, conservatively extended with:
> - subtyping
> - monadic objects
> an object-oriented imperative language, enhanced with 
> -parameteric polymorphism
> -automatic type inference
> a concurrent language, with 
> -a reactive communication model
> -asynchronous and synchronous message-passing
> The author references both Erlang and Java in his thesis:
> I guess it is could be better to start with the the 4 page 
> paper on Reactive 
> Objects:
> I can not judge how it compares with Erlang regarding 
> concurrency model 
> etc., but I think it would be interesting to get comments 
> from any Erlang
> linguist.

Well, the comments to their version of the POTS program from the Erlang book
suggest that they see the erlang ability to "selectively receive" to be
merely a way of avoiding deadlock, and they avoid such nastiness by
statically ensuring that all objects are capable of receiving all valid
messages at all times.

This ability to "leave some messages in the message queue until I have dealt
with the ones I want to" is of course a very powerful part of Erlang..

I'll leave deeper analysis to the real language linguists.


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