Strings (was RE: Structs)

Joakim G. <>
Fri Jan 17 16:42:22 CET 2003

Sean Hinde wrote:
>  > as well a 'string' type. (Oh no! Not that thread again :-)
>  >
>  > /Jocke
> Well, as you mention it - I've been dabbling with XML recently and 
> (apart from a growing view that for anything telecoms related this is 
> quite the worst coding scheme I have had the misfortune to work with) I 
> am running into the UNICODE issue.
> Lon Willets ucs contrib is great and all, but it would be awesome to 
> have unicode strings in the core of Erlang (or at least unicode chars 
> with the various conversions built in).

Like Java.

A space effective string type would be nice. Unicode or not.

The same for destructive assignment (A := 7). Almost joking. It would be
bad indeed to be flamed to death.


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