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Ingela Anderton <>
Wed Jan 15 11:16:54 CET 2003

Martin Gustafsson wrote:
> Hello!
> One of our customers has a project where Erlang would be the perfect tool and maybe I have persuaded them to use it:-) But they want the application to run on a Win 2k machine. Has anyone tested Erlang on Win 2k?  Is it working or is it possible to get it to work?
> Best regards
> Martin
As Kent pointed out there might currently be some problems with
gs-related stuff on windows platforms, that of course will be
corrected. But apart from that Erlang works fine on Win 2000. Win 2000 is
one of the supported platforms for Erlang/OTP.  

/m.v.h Ingela

Ericsson AB - OTP team

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