stl and yaws

Luke Gorrie <>
Tue Jan 14 12:22:01 CET 2003

Vladimir Sekissov <> wrote:
> Good day,
> I'm now working on Yaws extension for STL. It is finished on 90% and
> already contains:
> 1. Continuation-passing style sessions based on modified Ulf Wiger's
> `mdisp' module. Idea was borrowed from PLT Web-server.

This I'm looking forward to :-)

For people who haven't seen, the PLT paper is "Programming the Web
with High-Level Programming Languages",

Their main trick is to make sending a HTML form to the user and
receiving the POSTed reply look, from the server program's point of
view, just like making a function call. The function can even return
multiple times, corresponding to the user going BACK to a previous
form and resubmitting it. Super clever! Like the difference between
Erlang processes and event-loop programming, but applied to the web.

Not that I've actually tried it :-)

They do this in Scheme using call/cc. Looking forward to seeing how
the mdisp-based approach works!


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