To bridge my applicaiton to supervisor module

Suresh S <>
Mon Jan 13 06:15:04 CET 2003


My application does not use any behaviour other than
start module (behaves as an applicaiton) and
supervisor module,

Here i have to make use of Supervisor behaviour
( Supervisor tree ) 
even though other modules of my applicaiton does not
follow any protocol
(i.e Any Other behavious or supervision principles )

Here i have to make a release, the release resourse
file will check the correctness of my application , So
 i think the way out is i have to make use of
supervisor_bridge, i included a supervisor_bridge
module in between supervisor and my own applicaiton
which should start my own applicaiton..

Start Module (behaviour Applicaiton)
           |_Super Module (behaviour supervisor)
                                   |_MyApp start
start_module.erl -	Applicaiton behaviour
Super_Module.erl -	Supervisor behaviour               
Sup_Brodge.erl   -	sup bridge behaviour
x.erl 		 -	No Behaviour
y.erl 		 -	No Behaviour
z.erl		 -	No behaviour

Is this a correct approah,

Because i made a boot script , using make_scrit i
could generate a boot script successfully , but i
failed to start the script i generated 

This is the error message i had when i am starting my
application using the script i generated

erl -boot ./entry -boot_var SamApp Dir

Kernel pid terminated (application_controller)

Thanking u

suresh s

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